HZ High Energy Series

HZ-Series Centrifugal Barrel Tumbler Lineup

Compact Tumbling Machines

The HZ-12, HZ-30 2S and HZ-40 models make-up the compact line of CBF machines. They feature smaller, removable barrels. By purchasing a second set of four barrels, the operator can run one set of barrels while they are loading and preparing another. This can dramatically reduce downtime on the machine.

The HZ-30 2S CBF Machine from Mass Finishing, Inc.The HZ-12 is popular in the dental industry because of its smaller stature. It works well in small places like dental labs, and packs the same high-end finishing punch of its bigger brothers.



HZ-12 High Energy Finishing Machine HZ-40 High Energy Finishing Machine

Volume- .4 cubic feet
Barrels- 8 ½” L x 5” diameter
Overall- 34” x 30” x 30”
Motor- 1 hp

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Volume- 1 cubic foot
Barrels- 4 Options, Click Here
Overall- 47" x 38" x 49"
Motor- 3 hp

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Full Size Tumbling Machines

From the HZ-60 with its stout and long barrels to the HZ-120, these full sized industrial finishing machines can handle just about any type of part imaginable. These CBF machines can be fully customized with a touchscreen control panel, barrel lid-lifting system, parts separator, drain pan and infrared safety curtain.




HZ-60 High Energy Finishing Machine HZ-60 High Energy Finishing Machine  HZ-160 High Energy Finishing Machine
Volume- 2 cubic feet
Barrels- 24 3/4"L x 5 5/8"
Overall- 40" x 68" x 90" 
Motor- 5 hp

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Volume- 3 cubic feet
Barrels- 34"L x 6" 
Overall- 75" x 38" x 92"
Motor- 7 hp

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Volume- 4.7 cubic feet
Barrels- 17 ¼" L x 10 ¼"
Overall- 66" x 54" x 76"
Motor- 10 hp

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Oversized Tumbling Machines

The HZ-160 features a 15 horsepower motor with 1.5 more cubic feet of barrel space than the HZ-120. For jobs that require a bigger barrel or a greater overall volume, the HZ-160 offers a great solution. The HZ-220 CBF Machine is a significant jump in size. With barrels that are over two feet wide, this machine can handle larger parts and volume. The HZ330 is MFI's largest tumbling machine that has been used a variety of select applications.




HZ-160 High Energy Finishing Machine HZ-160 High Energy Finishing Machine HZ-220 finishing & deburring tool

Volume- 7.1 cubic feet
Barrels- 20 ¾"L x 12" diameter
Overall- 70" x 54" x 76"
Motor- 15 hp

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Volume- 9.67 cubic feet
Barrels- 27 ½"L x 11 ½" diameter
Overall- 75" x 54" x 76"
Motor- 15 hp

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Volume- 10.5 cubic feet
Barrels- 42"L x 12" diameter
Overall- 90" x 56" x 80"
Motor- 25 hp

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