Drain Pan

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CBF drain pan Drain Pan shown underneath a CBF machine.

Reduce down-time by making cleanup easier

Eliminating downtime in your Mass Finishing process is a key to running a profitable operation. Adding a drain pan underneath your Centrifugal Barrel Finishing machine allows you to rinse your parts and clean out barrels with a water hose right at your machine without worrying about the mess.

The MFI Drain Pan option features stainless steel, anti-slip, removable floor grates, and an eight inch deep reservoir to catch waste water from your HZ High Enter machine and separator. Once the pan is filled, the water can be easily pumped into a sludge tank or waste-water system for treatment. These pans also feature fork-lift slots to allow you to pick up the entire machine and pan and move it if necessary.

The steel-grate floor is a great safety measure to give the operator sure footing while working around soap compounds and round media. Each pan is specially designed to accommodate the machine and separator combination.

Be sure to ask about adding a drain pan to your finishing machine setup. Click here to Request a quote for a drain pan today. You can also contact us for more information or call (888) 260-6277.