MFI Table & Sludge Tank

MFI Table and Sludge TankCreate the perfect finishing area to maximize production

Mass Finishing's Model 633 Table & Sludge Tank is the perfect addition to any finishing operation. With a tough frame built out of anodized aluminum and PVC, this workstation can take a beating and is easily cleaned off with the spray of a water hose.

Finishing parts with certain types of media can generate a slurry mixture consisting of worn down pieces of media and the imperfections of your parts. Having an area where you can rinse off parts quickly can speed up your operation and make your workers much happier. Multiple shelving levels gives the operators space to set things like chemical cleaners, towels and tools. MFI also offers optional media pans and screens.

The three compartment sludge tank below the sink on the table acts as the first line of treatment in your waste-water system. The baffles on the tank allow water to overflow from one compartment to the next while leaving heavy metals and solids behind. By the time it reaches the third compartment the water is easily pumped out. Once the sludge tank is filled, its swivel wheels allow you to roll it into an area that will make it easy to clean out.

Water moves through the sludge tank through baffles and is pumped out

The sludge tank can be purchased separate from the table. Customers using vibratory tubs and bowls find it useful for treating waste water. 

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