Workstations & Drain Pans

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633 workstation
The 633 Table and Tank combination

Increase efficiency by reducing downtime

Running a finishing operation can be a messy business especially in wet applications. Having the right workstation used in conjunction with your HZ Series Centrifugal Barrel Finishing machine can greatly reduce clean-up time meaning machine can get up and running faster and make you more money.

MFI's Drain Pans are constructed using iron and stainless steel. With eight inches of depth, it's like having a giant catch-can underneath your machine. This allows the operator to simply spray down finished barrels and wash media down into the separator below. The waste-water can then be pumped out of the pan and into a sludge tank or treatment system.

The Model 633 Table and Sludge Tank Workstation from Mass Finishing is designed specifically for the finishing industry. Made out of PVC and anodized aluminum, this table/sludge tank combo makes for convenient cleanup.