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MFI polishing & deburring machinesMass Finishing, Inc. specializes in the production of polishing and deburring machines.

The right tools to handle any polishing, surface finishing or deburring job.

Mass Finishing Incorporated offers a wide variety of finishing machines and media for finishing parts. All of our deburring machines are equipped to handle multiple parts and finish at high speeds to save you time and money on your production process. Our media is top of the line and custom made for polishing and deburring specific parts.

MFI’s specialty is manufacturing Centrifugal Barrel Finishing machines (CBFs). These machines feature four barrels that rotate around a spinning drum. Your parts can be finished in a matter of minutes.

For jobs that require different loading requirements or a lower energy finishing process, Mass Finishing also offers Vibratory Bowls, Vibratory Tub Systems and Centrifugal Disc Machines.

MFI's workstations, drain pans and media separators make clean up easy. Our vast line of Polishing & Deburring Media options will help you achieve the perfect finish for your parts.

For more detailed information on specifications and capabilities of our various machines and media, please check out our full site.

You can also contact us or call (888) 260-6277.