Polishing & Deburring Media

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Metal polishing & deburring mediaMass Finishing offers a wide variety of media for metal polishing and deburring metal.

The essential ingredient to any finishing process

Tumbling media is an essential component to any finishing or polishing operation. Mass Finishing offers a wide variety of media and compounds to handle any finishing job. Selecting the right media can greatly increase the production of your finishing operation. MFI offers ceramic, plastic, porcelain, corn cob and chemical compounds. Each type produces a unique finish to the parts.

Available Tumbling Media:

  • Ceramic media: heavy media, great for cutting milled or cast parts and deburring metal
  • Porcelain media: durable media, great for metal polishing and finishing any type of part including medical grade parts
  • Plastic media: light media, perfect for use in pre-polishing processes
  • Dry media: perfect for adding a high shine and polish
  • Chemical Compounds: add to a finishing job to inhibit rust and keep parts and media clean

With more than 20 years of experience in the mass finishing industry, MFI has developed hundreds of processes for finishing parts. If you're not sure what media to choose, just send us a sample and we'll process it in our lab free of charge. Just visit our free sample processing page. Once we have your part in our lab, we'll determine the perfect combination of media and hardware requirements to get your job done right.

Be sure to ask about what media is required for your finishing job when you're looking at buying a machine. Contact us for more information or call (888) 260-6277 to inquire about pricing on each type of media.