Parts Separating Systems

Easily separate media from parts to maximize production

Speed is a key factor in the loading and unloading process in all Mass Finishing machines. A parts separating system can drastically reduce the amount of unloading time on a finishing machine. The PSA Series of media separators are custom built to fit inside MFI's HZ Series of centrifugal barrel finishing systems

Once a job is complete, the operator simply turns on the media separator to start the vibration. Then full barrels are positioned to dump one at a time. Vibratory tumbler media fall through the customized screen while parts stay on top. Media then falls into bins while parts travel down the screen deck to the end of the separator.

These media separators are built with heavy gauge steel and feature a protective coating that can stand up to repeated uses. Two vibratory motors are mounted onto the separator creating the vibration needed to separate the media from parts.

Free-Standing Media Separators

Mobile media and parts separating system

MFI's free-standing media separator is portable machine that can be moved wherever needed in a plant or lab. The PSA-1660FS Series is a great addition in operations that use centrifugal disc machines, vibratory bowl machines or the compact models in MFI's line of centrifugal barrel finishing machines like the HZ-12 and HZ-40.

The PSA-1660FS separator features a removable screen system that allows the user to switch out the screen sizes in a matter of seconds. These machines work great for separating parts from media, or for media classification.

The free standing media separator features a variable speed control switch. Once a finishing job is complete, simply pour barrels or buckets of finished parts and media into the separator and watch as the media falls through the screen, leaving finished parts on top. The heavy duty wheels and frame stand allow the operator to move the separator to the next machine or into a storage area when not in use.

Check out the video below to see the separator in action. Contact us today to learn more about our media separators for your operation.

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