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Finished & polished medical parts
Medical parts finished in MFI machines

Before Mass Finishing, Inc. got its start in 1995, many of the medical companies were using barrel polishing machines and vibratory polishers for finishing medical parts such as hips, knees, bone screws, etc. That tradition continues today as the medical industry still relies on Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines and our other lines of vibratory polishers to give their parts a fine finish.

For the medical industry, the fine isotropic finish produced by CBF machines is a requirement. By running metal implants in our HZ Series machines, medical suppliers can ensure doctors and their patients that they won't have to worry about plaque buildup, which leads to fewer complications with surgeries and procedures. Mass Finishing machines are also used by companies that produce medical devices.

MFI barrel polishing machines are also great for finishing acrylics such as those used in the production of hearing aids and other acrylic medical devices and implants.

Notable MFI customers in the medical industry include:

  • Zimmer
  • Depuy
  • Stryker Orthopaedics
  • Medtronics
  • Starkey Labs
  • St. Jude Medical
  • Smith & Nephew
  • Symmetry Medical