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Parts finished with a DP series dental tooth polisher
Dental partials and other dental work is finished using DP-Series machines.

The dental industry is one of the largest users of Mass Finishing and more specifically Denta 2000 machines. CBF machines can quickly polish multiple dental partials and crowns instead of one at a time. Alternative methods of polishing dental parts include using harsh chemicals with an electropolisher or polishing by hand. These methods are much more time consuming.

The dental industry is such an important client that Mass Finishing created a separate division, Denta 2000, in 1998 to cater specifically to dental labs. The compact centrifugal barrel finishing machines of DP-12 and DP-30 are impeccably suited for handling dental polishing jobs. DP Series machines are the perfect dental tooth polishers. Denta 2000 also offers great start-up kits to get labs up and running towards higher efficiency quickly.

Check out the Denta 2000 page for more information or visit the DP-Series page.

Other notable Denta 2000 customers in the dental industry include:

  • Glidewell Dental Lab
  • Dentsply International
  • National Dentex Labs