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Crankshaft polishing with an MFI CFB machine
Crankshafts are finished in HZ Series machines from Mass Finishing, Inc.

The automotive industry provided the perfect market for Mass Finishing. Many of the hundreds of small and larger parts required to build a car motor can perform better when their contact surfaces are smooth, stress relieved and without burrs or defects. 

Our HZ series line of Centrifugal barrel machines are the ideal solution for crankshaft finishing and crankshaft polishing. These machines also finish small parts like push rods, gears and springs.

Most recently, professionals in the racing industry from NASCAR® are using Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines on nearly every part that they put inside their engines. By giving their engines a fully isotropic finish (even in all directions), they're able to achieve a surface with less friction & heat leading to more horsepower and an overall better performance.

Other notable MFI customers in the automotive and racing industry include:

  • Eagle Specialties
  • Earnhardt-Childress Racing
  • Smith Brothers Pushrods