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Aerospace components polished in an MFI media tumbler
Jet Engine blades are polished and stress relieved in Mass Finishing CBF machines.

One of the first industries to recognize the finishing capabilities of MFI media tumblers was the aerospace industry. When jet engine makers like Rolls Royce and GE needed to debur and polish the blades on their engine turbines, they turned to the power of our HZ series machines.

Using the HZ-series machine, the turbine blades are run in a one or two-step process to check for stress cracks made during the casting or machine operation and to stress relieve the blades along with improved surface finishes.

Similarly, the aerospace industry relies on Mass Finishing machines for finishing a variety of parts from wing spars to helicopter gears and everything in between. 

Notable MFI customers in the Aerospace industry include:

  • Pratt Whitney
  • GE
  • Rolls Royce