Ceramic XM Media

Ceramic Pins MediaCeramic XM Media is a "coloring" abrasive. It is a sintered ceramic tumbling nugget with exceptional properties. Its hardness, toughness and extremely fine crystaline sructure on all types of ferrous metals, brass and aluminum. 

Principally used in mass finishing burnishing applications, XM media can also be used for light burr removal, radius formation, and is an effective driver for loose abrasives in cut and color operations. XM is an excellent substitute for steel media applications.

Below you'll find a list of some of the different types of XM Media we stock. Call or contact us today so we can help you decide what ceramic media for tumbling you should use. If you already know what type and how much you need, simply Request a Quote. We can also take orders for other sizes, shapes and compositions upon request.

Ceramic XM Media
Part Number Description
5500-30024 XM #3
5500-30029 XM #4
5500-30030 XM #5
5500-30040 XM #6
5500-30050 XM #8
5500-30060 XM #10
5500-30065 XM #12
5500-30070 XM #14
5500-30072 XM #16
5500-30075 XM #18
5500-30077 XM #20
5500-30080 XM #24
5500-30090 XM #36

Don't see the size and shape you need? Call us today and we can special order media for you.