Centrifugal Disc Systems

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RF-50 centrifugal disc finishing systemThe RF-50 Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine
RF-20 centrifugal disc finishing systemThe RF-20 Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine
RFA-300 centrifugal deburring systemThe RFA-300 Fully Automated Centrifugal Disc System

The deburring tool designed for quick loading and unloading

Centrifugal disc finishing systems from MFI offer lower operating costs and a better finishing performance than vibratory finishers. Centrifugal disc machines can perform a wide range of deburring and polishing functions at 10 to 30 times the speed of vibratory finishers.

Centrifugal disc machines operate using a drum with a disc at the bottom that rotates to create a rolling action with parts and media. The spinning of the disc forces parts and media upward while also providing rotation. Continuous rolling and flowing of the parts against the media provides highly efficient deburring and finishing. The inside of the finishing drum and disc are covered with a polyurethane liner that can stand up to repeated and constant use.

The RF Series line of centrifugal disc finishing machines range in capacity from the .7 cubic feet of the RF-20 to 12.1 cubic feet in the RF-400. These deburring machines can be configured into fully automated systems that allow for a continuous flow. Check out the video below to see a fully automated RF-300 in action.  

Check out the complete list of machines and specifications on our RF Series page or contact us for more information.